Pictures of Kathie Fry

A collection of pictures of Kathie Fry on and off skates.

Kathie Fry Photo Gallery
- My First Day on 5 Wheels
- What I Saw Skating in Venice Beach
- My 92 Year Old Skating Buddy
- Skating Around a Lake in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Swedes Hoisting me in Mallorca
- With Dutch Speed Skating Fans at Thialf Ice Stadium
- Arriving at the Catherine Palace on Skates (Pushkin)
- With Russian Friends at the Egyptian Gate (Pushkin)
- At Peterhof Palace During a Break from Skating
- Waiting for a Bus in Stockholm
- Harry Perry's Number One Fan
- With Robin Williams At a Challenged Athletes Event
- Caught on the Hermosa Beach Web Cam with Jay Etheredge
- With my Hot French Neighbor and His Hot Friends
- Meeting the Kuwait Skating Federation President
- With Italian Downhill Champion Max Bavieri
- With Dirk May, Leader of the Frankfurt Friday Night Skate
- With Colombian Champion Jorge Botero
- Me With The Gang From Heelys
- At the Start Line of the Los Angeles Marathon
- Scuba Diving Off Catalina Island
- What's on Top of My Computer (when I get bored I like to pose them...)

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